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Our team delivers financial, strategic, commercial and operational solutions and strategies to support you and your business, whether it be small, medium or large.

We have the experience and technical competence to efficiently deliver results. We can assist you to overcome external and internal business challenges, with open and regular two-way communication. 

It is useful to engage a third party to understand the needs of all stakeholders and listen to their objectives. We aim to protect stakeholders’ interests by creating solutions and identifying and maximising recoveries.

In our experience, it is never too early to speak to a professional. We offer an obligation free consultation - we will understand your business, explain your options and identify how we can assist (if we believe you need our help).

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Asset Distribution
Safe Harbour

The most tax effective way to distribute

a pre-CGT asset/profit is by a members voluntary liquidation. The distribution

retains its character, as opposed to any

other method which can result in a

significant liability to shareholders.

We can distribute these assets to

shareholders which avoids significant tax liabilities.

Empower directors to take actions

which will promote the company’s

interests by protecting them from

personal liability.

Our collaborative approach to reimagining your business will allow for long term viability and elevate its performance. 

We offer approaches such as debt and capital restructures, informal debt restructures and stakeholder negotiations.

We act on behalf of secured creditors to realise asset(s) of a business for their benefit. Our role can involve carrying on the business to preserve its value and conduct a sale campaign and/or realise specific assets.


By undertaking an assessment of a

business's health, we can assist to

restore stability by providing strategic, financial and operational turnaround

and transformation solutions.

Pre-lending / Refinancing

We conduct due diligence

("a health check") on a business

and its ability to service borrowings,

by taking into consideration historical performance and testing forecasts.

It is a useful tool for financiers when assessing whether the lend money or refinance a debt.

If your business is unable to pay its debts as they fall due, we can take charge to preserve its value, recover assets for the benefit of creditors and wind up its operations.


This process can provide a business with breathing space to formally restructure its operations (through a Deed of Company Arrangement) or be deregistered.

Expert Reports

We prepare expert reports

which can be used in recovery

actions and court proceedings.

Our experience allows us to form

opinions which are highly

regarded by the Court.

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