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Insights into the UK Insolvency Market with Simon Campbell

In our third episode for season 2, Simon Campbell, Managing partner at Quantuma Advisory gives us insights into the UK insolvency Market

Simon is a restructuring specialist with over 25 years experience in technology, property, professional services, and business services, who works with directors, lenders, and other professionals to provide a considered opinion on the best path towards corporate recovery.

Over his career he's worked at Kroll, Grant Thornton LLP, Booker Phillips and Begbies Traynor Group.

In this comprehensive conversation Simon Cathro and Simon Campbell touch on:

  • Simon Campbell's history

  • The differences between Australian and UK insolvency practices

  • How Australia's unique government safety net, (Fair Entitlements Guarantee) FEG helps businesses, creditors and the government

  • A few case studies of what happening in both countries

  • The history of the UK's insolvency practices and how we've ended up where we are

  • A future predictions for insolvency

  • And much more


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