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Insights into the Corporate Finance Market

Capital Raising and Non-Bank Debt in Today's Market

In episode five of season two of "The Cut", our Founder & Managing Principal, Simon Cathro speaks with Dave Ellet, Director of Moxon Capital about the market outlook for the next 12-24 months in the SME and corporate space.

Ellet expresses optimism and believes that businesses will need to solve the people problem and that insolvency firms like Cathro and Partners will have a lot of work in the future.

Ellet also speaks about the state of housing prices in Sydney and concerns about rising interest rates.

Time Stamps

  • [03:31] Successful Business Sale Techniques

  • [09:06] Alternate debt sourcing

  • [13:01] Australia's attractiveness for business

  • [17:26] Business storytelling for sales

  • [20:37] Acquisitions as growth strategy

  • [21:49] Tech valuations come back

  • [25:11] Transparency in Voluntary Administration

  • [28:15] Insolvency and business risks

  • [32:08] Liquidation and Sale of Tech Companies

  • [38:41] Impact of Artificial Intelligence on labor

  • [39:05] Alternative Capital Raising Options

  • [42:43] Equity and Debt Market Trends


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