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Insights into the Australian Credit Industry

In our second episode for season 2, Nick Pilavidis, CEO-AICM, provides his insights into the Australian Credit Industry.

Nick has been with the AICM for 9 years, starting in debt collection and property management overseas soon after landing a role at Ricoh Australia for 14 years.

This is a wide ranging conversation about insolvency through the lens of a credit manager touching on;

  • Predictions of credit and insolvency over the next 6-12 months through these economic times

  • How to find an appropriate way to deal with consumer debt from a commercial and health and well being aspect

  • The bankruptcy threshold changes

  • Results from a recent survey of AICM members

  • Why having clear communications with small businesses is key to resolving credit and debt

  • What Nick does in his personal life when he’s not at AICM

  • And much more


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