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Exploring Trade Credit Insurance and Court Winding-Up with Terry Watson and Luke Whiffen

In finale episode of The Cut's 2023 season, host Simon welcomes two guests, Luke Whiffen from Hilton Bradley Lawyers and Terry Watson from Watson Trade Credit.

They discuss trade credit insurance and the winding up process for companies. Luke provides insights into taking legal action against companies that owe money, while Terry shares his experience in the trade credit insurance industry.

Tune in for valuable insights into the importance of aligning with clients and offers a no-win, no-fee approach.

What you’ll learn about:

  • (00:00:22) Lawyers and client alignment.

  • (00:07:23) Insolvency in the construction industry.

  • (00:10:57) Reducing DSO with trade credit insurance.

  • (00:13:58) The community factor.

  • (00:16:09) The collection process begins.

  • (00:20:39) The impact on businesses.

  • (00:24:10) Lawyers prioritising bottom line.

  • (00:30:02) Quick debt collection strategies.

  • (00:33:00) Uninsurable solar industry.

  • (00:37:28) The winding up market.

  • (00:42:36) Victoria's upcoming insolvencies.

  • (00:44:30) Impact of interest rate rises.


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