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Credit Tech Insights with Patrick Coghlan, CEO - CreditorWatch

In episode seven of season two of "The Cut", Principal, Andrew Blundell, sits down with Patrick Coghlan, the CEO of CreditorWatch. They delve into the evolving credit landscape, their industry experiences and the paths that brought them to their present roles.

What you’ll learn about:

  • Starting CreditorWatch from scratch. [00:01:38]

  • Invoicing challenges and old school methods. [00:05:41]

  • Luck and Success. [00:06:24]

  • Go-getting customers and building. [00:09:24]

  • Maintaining a strong company culture. [00:13:35]

  • Opening interstate offices. [00:17:02]

  • Monthly business risk index. [00:20:39]

  • Construction space statistics. [00:23:43]

  • Ramp up in defaults. [00:29:17]

  • Managing economic consequences and collections. [00:31:11]

  • More of the same, just better. [00:34:02]


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