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Join Cathro & Partners to Solve Uncertainty, Manage Change and Preserve Value with us.

Cathro & Partners are always looking for like-minded people. 

We are looking for motivated and ambitious staff to join our experienced and dynamic team of professionals.

Why should you join Cathro & Partners?

To be a leading restructuring and transaction adviser

We are passionate about what we do. Our major services include insolvency, safe harbour and restructuring & turnaround. We also have a government advisory services division. We provide learning and development opportunities to advance your skills and knowledge.  If you turn your passion into your profession, success becomes inevitable.  

To be rewarded for your efforts

Cathro & Partners provides rewarding benefits in return for your sincere and dedicated efforts towards accomplishment of organisational goals.  Cathro & Partners offers to appropriately skilled applicants a benchmarked salary with bonus & incentive schemes to reward delivery of KPI’s and recognise star performers.

To be a professional with integrity

Cathro & Partners respects the culture of integrity as it is vital for an organisation’s growth. We believe that integrity and ethic behaviour fosters a positive work environment working to achieve strong moral principles which is essential for staff to achieve their career aspirations. Our professional development program includes advancing your skills, competencies and challenging your strong moral principles that contribute to your success in the workplace. 

To work in a diversity inclusive environment

We believe diversity breeds innovation and innovation leads to growth.  At Cathro & Partners we provide a teamwork platform for collaboration and socialization with like-minded individuals with different experience, perspective, knowledge and backgrounds through equal opportunity and an anti-discriminatory employment.  

To work in a high performing environment whist still having fun

Injecting fun into the dreary office hours drastically improves the performance of employees and happy employees yield efficient functioning of the organization. There is no dull moment at Cathro & Partners wherein team building exercises bring out the hidden talents and skills which go a long way in honing their qualities. Regular performance discussions and utilization of ODHR Training to boost employees skill set is an important aspect of this organisation.

To provide exceptional professional services 

At Cathro & Partners, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional professional services.  We set the bar high for ourselves engaging with our clients and stakeholders to execute professional services to meet and exceed industry standards.   Cathro & Partners provides professional development to increase your skills, which can lead to new opportunities, promotion and career advancement.

To work in a flexible working environment

The transition, over the last few years, from a strict working schedule to a flexible one has seen an immense growth. Hence, we practice flexibility which not only adds value to your time but also increases your productivity. 

To work in a health-conscious workplace 

Cathro & Partners gives adequate importance to staff health and well-being by creating a positive work culture where their efforts are recognized for the valuable contributions they make to the company. Apart from team building exercises, office events such as annual well-being day, EAP service are offered to help you live a healthy lifestyle.

If you are interested in applying to join the Cathro & Partners team, send your CV with a cover letter saying why you think you would be a good team member, to;


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